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3-Day Detox

The 212° Detox Project is here!!!21 Days, 2 Objectives: 1. TRAIN the MIND. 2. CLEANSE the BODY. It is crucial that we take time to periodically detox the body as we accumulate a build up of toxins in our day to day lives from things such as negative energy, toxins from unhealthy food consumption and unhealthy body and household products. Detoxing has many benefits including increasing mental and emotional awareness by allowing us to experience different mind states as different emotions arise while ridding ourselves of chemical and toxins! Other benefits include giving our digestive systems a much needed break, boosting energy, ridding the body of excess waste, strengthening the immune system, clearer thinking, anti-aging, healthier skin and hair, and a lighter feeling with an increased sense of well-being. The 212° Detox Project focuses on the following organs and systems: The Blood, Liver, the Immune System, Lymphatic System and the Brain. All of these play critical roles in our overall health and wellness.Within the project you will gain access to the Facebook support group, juices & smoothies list, minerals & herbs and alkaline foods lists, PLUS meal breakdown guides!


This is a 3-Day Juice Cleanse with 4 days of Food & Shakes


Included in this detox, you will get access to:

Juices list for 3 Days of DETOX

Juices & Smoothies List

Minerals & Herbs, Alkaline List

Meal Breakdown List

Food List

3-Day Detox

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